Q1: Does Sakura Product provide installation service?

A1: Sakura Product offers installation services in the New York City area. To schedule the service, you can use our web form or inquire via phone.

Q2: What considerations should be taken into account during installation?

A2: Ensure proper duct size, the space between the range hood and cabinet, and the machine width.

Q3: What types of machines are offered by Sakura Product?

A3: Sakura Product offers Under Cabinet and Chimney(Wall mount) range hood
machines. We do not offer island-style machines or ductless models.

Q4: Why my R7261, B51, and B53 cannot install in chimney style?

A4: The R7261, B51, and B53 models offer two ways of installation. For chimney-style installation, an additional hanging plate and decorating flue may be required. These accessories can be ordered online or obtained from the Sakura Store.

Q5: What factors can impact the suction performance of the range hood?

A5: The suction efficiency of the range hood can be affected by factors such as the length, width, and curve of the duct, infrequent cleaning, and improper installation of the damper. These considerations may result in reduced suction efficiency for the range hood.


Q6: What precautions should be taken during the installation of wall mount range hoods?

A6: Wall mount range hoods should be installed on a solid wood or brick surface to prevent any inappropriate shaking of the machine.


Q7: Can I install a Sakura range hood with a 3”x10” duct?

A7: Yes, it is possible, but only specific models are suitable, such as R838, R747II, R8168. The machine comes with a 6-inch round opening from the manufacturer. If you intend to change it to a 3”x10” opening, ensure you have acquired the necessary 3”x10” parts provided by Sakura and follow the steps outlined in the menu. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us for assistance.


Q8: Is a damper necessary for the machine?

A8: If you have a vent cap on the outside wall, it is advisable to remove the damper on top of the machine.



Q1: How can I identify the specific part where problems occurred?

A1: Utilize the troubleshooting feature accessible in the menu of each model website. The menu shows most possible problems and solutions.

Q2: How can I determine whether it's a duct or machine problem?

A2: Inspect the outside vent cap; if it's fully open, the issue likely lies with the machine. Conversely, if it's closed or partially obstructed, the problem may be related to the duct.


Q3: Where can I get the parts of the range hood?

A3: Parts are sold by Sakura USA store, and website. If you cannot find the parts you need, please contact us or inquire through website form. Repair work is recommended to carry out by professionals.


Q4: Does Sakura-USA offer repair services?

A4: Yes, but Sakura Products-USA. provides repair services only in the New York city area. To schedule the service, you can use our web form or inquire via phone.